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  1. Hi Bhaven,
    I came across your blog quite randomly but I am glad that I did. I like travelling (even though I don’t get to travel that much) and reading accounts of other travellers. I am gonna hit that follow button to keep myself updated about all your travels. I am an animation producer and I am posting animated webshows on my blog. Do check if you have the inclination. Comments are welcome…:)
    LongyTV (Atish Tripathi)

    • Atish, great to meet a fellow travel enthusiast like you. I visited your animation site and the videos there are simply amazing. Great visualization and creation. And you are welcome to follow my blog and I look forward to hearing more comments from you. cheers, Bhaven

  2. Hi Bhaven
    Great pictures the spirit of discovering is quite evident in your travels. And that I find as inspiring.
    Will,enjoy more trips to your blog.
    Kind regards,

    • hi Dilip, so nice to have you read my blog. I checked out yours too and its equally exciting with an eclectic mix of posts. I plan to write more frequently, so be prepared for a lot of reading:)

  3. It’s funny how you mentioned 929412 since I have similar thing mentioned in my blog: 302020 (my travel resolution). 🙂 I’ve been researching about places to visit in India, so when the time comes I’ll be more than ready to pack my bag and go.

    • Thanks for dropping by Bama. Yes, I saw your blog, and a nice coincidence that we mentioned it in a similar way:). You are most welcome to India and feel free to drop me a note if you need any help.

    • Great to hear from you Abigail, I simply enjoy travel and photography, can’t help it. I am sure you’ve get to do that too as you grow up. I’ve gone through your post and like your spirit. At this young age, its great that you already know what you like. Keep going on with your post. cheers, Bhaven

  4. I was in a similar position, in a job that was unfulfilling but paid the bills! My husband had a opportunity to move to Mumbai for work and I couldn’t quit fast enough! Now, I have found my passion in photography and have started my own business. You were brave to pursue your passion and dreams and won’t regret it! Life is too short to be miserable. Really enjoyed your photographs of Rishikesh…one place I always wanted to go but didn’t get a chance to visit while in India…an excuse to return! Look forward to following your work!

    • Good to hear from you Jennifer and am excited that you have taken up photography on a full time basis. And its encouraging to know you liked my pics. Trust me, Rishikesh is an awesome place, the calm & peace is unmatched. You should go there whenever you get a chance. And all the best for your business. cheers, Bhaven

  5. Good to see you placed passion above all else. I am an electrical engineering too and have recently discovered the fact that I love travelling (I have been to the desert and the mountains, yet to pay a visit to the seas and the backwaters).

    Going through a phase in my life where I am keen on living out my passion (Research in Solar Energy and Nanotechnology :)!) and fighting the tide of normalcy being shoved down the throat of people my age.


    • Ali, good to know you like to travel, there is nothing more fulfilling or exciting than going to new places and meeting new people. I hope you get to do both. Do not give up on your dreams. And best wishes in your nanotechnology work too. Cheers, Bhaven

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