Candid Wedding Photography – What is it?


I have drastically cut down on my travel over the past several months and hence this blog hasn’t been getting any updates. However, during this same period, my focus has shifted towards growing my wedding photography business. And I am loving it. Having done portraits, portfolios and a bit of fashion, I am easily able to transfer this experience into getting great wedding pics.

So, here is to all the gorgeous brides and handsome grooms and their parents who spend sleepless nights planning for their D-Day (hey, but I always thought D-day stood for Dooms day). And what better topic to start with, than trying to explain ‘Candid’ in Candid photography coverage.


As a wedding photographer, I too struggle with trying to explain what Candid wedding photography is, and hence its only valid that its the biggest question in the minds of prospective brides and grooms.

  • Is it about blurring some objects, while keeping others sharp?
  • Is it about shooting in ambient light?
  • Is it about ‘not’ asking your subjects to pose for you?



Well, its probably all of the above, but, that still doesn’t define candid photography. Because traditional rules of photography apply to candid coverage too. The composition & framing of the image has to be great. The lighting has to be good enough (one cant rely just on ambient light in a closed-door ceremony with heavy curtains and no sunlight coming in). While the subjects may not pose for you, the expressions & postures still have to be great, the groom can’t be caught half sneezing, or open-mouthed with a laddoo in it.

It’s a bit misleading when a lot of Candid Photographer’s primary offering to clients is that ‘We wont make you pose’. What they probably mean is that we don’t ask you to stand in a fixed position with your neck tilted at 23 degrees and hand around the waist 5 inches above the belt and smile pulled around by 3 centimetres and your chin strained from your neck by another 10 degrees.

However, to get nice couple shots, we WILL have to ask you to pose for us. Because there is no other way to get great photographs of you into the album. But in most cases, this is casual and natural posing that you are comfortable with, and not like a piece of wood. I ask the bride to hold the groom around his waist and look into his eyes and smile. After a few moments, this automatically results in a natural conversation between the bride & groom and they get lost in each other. This is when I take my shot. Many times I also want you to look into the camera, trust me…several pics on my website are staged candids.

Whatever you call it, Candid or Creative or Contemporary or Photojournalistic, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether it is shot with flash or naturallight, whether it is staged or candid, a photo has to be ‘good’ (or rather GREAT) for a client to like it. You will get hired if the client has a ‘feel good’ factor for you and your work, Candid or otherwise. And that is what matters ultimately.

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