Getting married soon? 8 things you can do to get great coverage for your Wedding

Is the build up to your wedding day getting hectic? It can get very stressful with lots of things to finalise. Other than choosing the right photographer for covering your events, there are a few things you can do at your end to ensure you get amazing coverage. Here are 8 tips for brides & grooms who are planning to tie the knot soon.


1.  Invite your photographer to your wedding venue while planning for your decor.  Walk him/ her through details like where the baraat will be received and milni will be held. Is there going to be a special dance to welcome the bride or groom? You can have pleasant surprises for the couple, but not for the photographer. He/ she should be aware of every minute detail of your event.

2. Candid photography happens best in natural light, and hence functions in daylight give you the best images. If possible, schedule your events during the day in open lawns. If its an evening or night wedding, a banquet hall usually suits better. And if it is in an open lawn at night, ensure that adequate lighting is available at every place where guests will be gathering. If your decorator says you need 100 lights, straight away tell him to place 200.


3. The stage where the couple will sit and meet the guests should be large enough to accommodate the photographer & videographer along with their lighting equipment. If its too small, guests will be inconvenienced, if its too high, the photographer may not be able to reach the right height to get straight shots.

4. Capturing the bride getting ready is a vital part of candid photography & cinematography. Choose a make-up artist who is willing to come to your wedding venue. This will not only help you cut down your own commuting time, but also _MG_1876_TanviRaghavWedding_2013-07-14_©BhavenJani_2013provide the photographer with ample opportunities to click as you get ready.

5. If you are a bride, utilise the time you spend in the bridal room waiting for the baraat to arrive. This is the best place (and time) for the photographer to get amazing shots of the bride as well as her friends and family. Lots of candid and exciting moments as well as stylish group shots.

6. Lighting and decor plays an integral role in depicting the theme and mood of your wedding. At the same time, it also has an impact on the type of photos and video you get. Try to avoid lots of colourful lights on the stage. This is where the couple will be spending most of their time meeting guests. And you don’t want to have multi-coloured patches on everyones faces.

7. Identify a relative or friend from either side (bride & groom), who will walk the photographer around your guests so that no one important or close remains un-clicked. This takes not more than 15-20 mins, but ensures that all those who need to be covered, get covered.

8. And above all, schedule time for photography on your wedding day. Like other ceremonies, adequate coverage can happen only if the couple is able to give enough time to the photographer. Work with the photographer and identify what time works best between various ceremonies and spend at least 20-25 mins exclusively for getting couple shots. This is what you will cherish most.


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This article is written by Travel & Wedding photographer/ writer Bhaven Jani, you can view his portfolio at and contact him at


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