7 Steps to a flawless skin for your Wedding day

Guest article by Bridal & Make-up expert Rashmi Jani. 


In today’s time having a flawless skin is a real challenge due to pollution, poor food habits, lack of exercise, anxiety, lack of sleep and last but not the least, poor intake of water and of course not everyone is blessed with flawless skin. And if you are getting married soon, its even more important to take care of yourself. By following a regular skin care regime one can easily have a healthy glowing skin. Here are 7 easy to follow steps



1) Do CTM (Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing) twice everyday. Once after a bath and the other one before going to bed. Always choose products to suit your skin type, viz.  Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination or Sensitive Skin.

– Cleansing: There are two types of cleansing one can do, first is while taking a bath, like using a face wash or a foam. The other is using deep cleansing milk which will go in deep and take out all dirt. If you have make-up on, use a make-up remover before using a face wash.

– Toning: Many people don’t use a Toner, but it is very important to use one as it closes all the open pores. People who has oily skin can use astringent.

– Moisturizing: Again, using a moisturizer is equally important as it helps retain moisture that gets ripped after taking a bath or a face wash. Its important even for people who have an oily skin to use a moisturiser.


2) Sunscreen: Apply a sunscreen (during daytime) as it protects your skin in a big way.

3) Never Sleep with Make-up on: This is very important step to follow. Always use a Make-up remover or Wipes to remove all your make-up. By any chance if you don’t have a make-up remover, use baby oil or olive oil. Then use a face wash to wash your face and make your skin feel fresh. Follow this with a toner and moisturizer.

4) Drink Water: Drink loads of water as it helps in flush out all body toxins and this helps the skin to glow. Avoid carbonated drinks as they dehydrate the body, instead go for fresh juices, shakes or nimbu pani.

_MG_4872_ShootsWithRummam_2013-10-24_©BhavenJani_20135) Exercise or Walk: Exercise or brisk walking really helps your skin to glow and must be done at least 5 times a week.

6) Sleep Well: It is very important to sleep well during the night. It helps your body and mind to relax. Lack of sleep causes dark circles.

7) Avoid Junk Food: Avoid fried foods, pizza,burger,cakes, etc as it causes breakouts.

Doing these little changes in your Daily Routine Program will help you to attain Flawless Skin. Have a Happy Glowing skin.

Rashmi Jani is a professional bridal make-up expert and beauty artist. You can view her FB page here. Similar articles on beauty and health are available on her blog post here.


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