Pre-Wedding shoot with Pooja & Kunal

Pooja and Kunal are both service industry professionals. Their love blossomed on a trek last year where they met with friends. The connect happened and liking transformed into love. With the blessings of all, they have decided to lead a life together and get married to each other.

Both were keen on getting great images and even booked a roof-top restaurant in South Delhi with amazing views of the Qutb Minar.

PreWedding_PoojaKunal_1PreWedding_PoojaKunal_5PreWedding_PoojaKunal_3PreWedding_PoojaKunal_6PreWedding_PoojaKunal_7PreWedding_PoojaKunal_4PreWedding_PoojaKunal_8 PreWedding_PoojaKunal_2PreWedding_PoojaKunal_9 PreWedding_PoojaKunal_10


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