Nitesh gifts Devanshi a pre-wedding shoot

Nitesh and Devanshi are Chartered Accountants, but totally unlike the typical CAs of the past. Fun, youthful and romantic are the words that come to my mind when I think of them. He was soon to move from Delhi to Bangalore on his new job, and had just a few days on hand when he came up with this romantic idea of gifting her a pre-wedding shoot album. With hardly a fortnight on hand, we planned out the shoot, locations, props and story and also work out the delivery of the album, so that he can hand it to her on time.

Everything just seemed to fall  into place. Both of them put in lots of efforts to get props, create a storyline and choose locations. And within a week after that shoot, I had the album in hand. And it was so exciting to see the expression on Devanshi’s face when Nitesh handed it to her. Love at its best. And my heartfelt wishes to this couple.


_MG_0001_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9730_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9747_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9775_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9777_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9791_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9800_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9840_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9849_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9855_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9872_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9893_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9919_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9964_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 _MG_9990_NiteshDevanshi_PreWedding_2014-07-13_©BhavenJani_2014 PreWeddingNiteshDevanshi_ PreWeddingNiteshDevanshi_2 PreWeddingNiteshDevanshi_3 PreWeddingNiteshDevanshi_4


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