Abhishek & Meenakshi | Wedding story

Meenakshi says its a love marriage which they feel has turned out exactly how an arranged marriage would have:). Meenakshi & Abhishek met at GGSIPU, Delhi, where they were college mates.

AbhishekMeenakshiBlogpics AbhishekMeenakshiBlogpics3

Both have different versions of how they met. Abhishek remembers seeing her for the first time in the metro, on their way to college. Whereas she says they met on the first day of college during introductions.

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While both admit falling for each other, the credit for confessing it first goes to Meenakshi (girl power!). She had to bring it up, as her parents had started looking out for a groom for her.

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Abhishek says if he were a writer, he could write a book on Meenakshi. She is just perfect for him. She brings the ‘life’ to his life:)

AbhishekMeenakshiBlogpics8 AbhishekMeenakshiBlogpics9 AbhishekMeenakshiBlogpics10

Both of them love life to the fullest and want to make the most out of it. They selected orange and white for the decor.

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