Bhavna & Karan | Pre-Wedding shoot

You don’t need to ask Karan & Bhavna whether its a love marriage or an arranged one. Just looking at their chemistry you know it has to be a love story.




Bhavna says, we met through a common friend.  Infact 2 common friends. They introduced us to each other over the phone in March 2007 and then they arranged for us to meet in April . We  met at Cafe Turtle in GK I. 




To the million dollar question, Karan says, actually none of us proposed. It was our mutual understanding that we are dating (mm..interesting)
However Bhavna was the one who said I love u first (see…girl power it is).




What do you like about each other?

_MG_5097_KaranBhavna_PreWeddingShoot_2013-10-26_©BhavenJani_2013Bhavna – I just love Karan’s sense of humour. He makes me laugh (laugh hard). He is very supportive in almost everything I do or want to do. I am really lucky to have him in my life as my life partner. 

Karan – She is very caring, (well..most of the times:). Explains to me a lot of things which I cannot learn by myself. Manges to balance me and everybody around pretty well.
We are looking forward to having loads of fun together along with our family and friends on all our Wedding functions, especially our Engagement, as it will be the only event wherein we’ll be free to walk and dance around. 
How’s the planning for your Wedding coming up?
Well, we have planned almost everything well in advance exactly like we both wanted to (be it the venue, the food, clothes, photography, the dj etc etc). Can’t think of anything that we would want to do besides everything we have done or planned already! 

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