Ankit Weds Shweta


A lovely, cute, innocent couple, Ankit & Shweta were game for everything as long as it spelt fun and excitement. To cover their Wedding & Reception was an opportunity to shoot in the Nawabi-shaher Lucknow, which I could not miss. Having covered their engagement earlier in the year, I was aware that all their family members are extremely photogenic, which would only make my task simpler.

For the Reception, Ankit’s brother Atul had made it amply clear, that we want something different, feel free to experiment. And experiment we did. ¬†We had guests jumping on the stage and holding onto photo frames.

Here is a glimpse into an exciting weekend spent covering their wedding.

Ankit_Weds_Shweta1 Ankit_Weds_Shweta2 Ankit_Weds_Shweta5

Ankit_Weds_Shweta13 Ankit_Weds_Shweta6 Ankit_Weds_Shweta7



Ankit_Weds_Shweta10 Ankit_Weds_Shweta11 Ankit_Weds_Shweta12 Ankit_Weds_Shweta4


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