Couple shoot with Ruchika & Gunjan


I guess this image is becoming my signature shot. The energy, playfulness and the impact of this two-frame image is so powerful. And the way Ruchika is holding onto the dupatta even adds a touch of romance to it.

This shoot with Ruchika and Gunjan actually happened after their wedding, so technically its not a pre-wedding shoot. But the fun, excitement and freshness in their images is evident, and its another story that they’ve known each other for almost two decades. Gunjan wasn’t convinced what this ‘couple shoot’ funda was all about, however agreed to do it on Ruchika’s insistence. But when he saw the pics, he was ecstatic. It was heart warming to hear Gunjan acknowledge that he was very impressed with his wedding & couple-shoot album and that a good photographer is probably the most important present a couple can gift themselves on their wedding day. And this coming from a person who was a self-proclaimed ‘I don’t care much about photography’ it made my day. We spent a few hours at Qutb Minar and came back with some memorable images.


RuchikaGunjanPreWedding2 RuchikaGunjanPreWedding3 RuchikaGunjanPreWedding4 RuchikaGunjanPreWedding5 RuchikaGunjanPreWedding6 RuchikaGunjanPreWedding7


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