An exhibition of paintings by the Master Abani Sen

Tucked away amidst the calm & peace of J block in CR Park is the residence of Prabir Sen, an art lover at heart. Nothing amiss about it except that he comes from a distinguished lineage of the much celebrated and prominent artist of pre-independence era, Abani Sen, who is regarded as one of the Old Masters of Modern Indian painting. Born in 1905 (~ 1972) in Bengal, Abani Sen was the founder member of ‘The Young Artist Union’ and later ‘Art Rebel’ in Calcutta.  He worked as Assistant Secretary of Academy of fine arts, Calcutta and joined ‘Calcutta Group’ as a member in 1947. He was a legendary teacher of his time who taught in Raisina Bengali School and Sarada Ukil School of Art in New Delhi, and also at College of Arts, Delhi as a part time teacher. He’s won over a dozen awards and his paintings displayed in art galleries all over the world.

About Abani Sen

For a lot of folks of the current generation who’ve probably just heard about Abani Sen, but never had a chance to see his paintings live, his son Prabir presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For almost half a century, Prabir and his siblings have preserved their father’s original paintings, which were done on various mediums like oil, water colour, gouache, crayon, ink and wash, and has now curated, framed and put them up on display in his spacious basement. The fully refurbished hall exhibits 34 of Abani Sen’s paintings in a completely professional yet cozy ambience. ‘People should get a chance to see these great paintings’, says Prabir. He’s toiled over the past several weeks to put this together along with a young group of art enthusiasts who believe in making affordable art available to every common man in the country. 

Art lovers at the exhibition of paintings by Abani Sen

Prabir Sen with Rajendra S Pawar of NIIT at Abani Sen’s exhibition

There is another week to go before the paintings are pulled down, so if you are an art lover and want to catch up on a great master over a cup of coffee and cookies with his son, stroll into CR Park and enjoy some great Bengali hospitality.

Exhibition details:

Venue: J-1887, Ground floor, CR Park (this is near Market 1)

Contact details (Prabir Sen): 9810271049

Exhibition open till 19th June

Prabir Sen (right) shares a light moment with another artist Krishan Ahuja at Abani Sen’s exhibition


4 thoughts on “An exhibition of paintings by the Master Abani Sen

  1. it’s totally an ernest endeavour of Mr. Prabir Sen to curate a show like this.It incorporated all the stylistic phases that Abani Sen had gone through in his life.The initiative taken to showcase the works of the legendary figure, who contributed in shaping the Contemporary Indian Art, is worth more than what one may imagine.

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