LGBT pride walk, Delhi

Being part of various forums on Facebook has its advantages. The Delhi Drums Circle invited all its members to Jantar Mantar on 2nd July to hear them play from 6 – 6:15 pm. After some confusion on who’d turn up to watch them for a paltry fifteen minutes, someone clarified they were playing along with a few other groups as part of the LGBT pride walk. For the uninitiated, LGBT is Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals & Transgender and 2nd July is when they get together in India.

Enjoying their day

Suddenly it had the promise of being an exciting evening, being witness to an event we’ve mostly heard of or glimpsed on television but never fully comprehended. To be safe, I confirmed with an ex-colleague whether he was attending, its always good to have company on such photojournalistic excursions.

Jantar Mantar is the hotbed of all public demonstrations in Delhi and right in we went, only to realize our folly. If demonstrations were held inside this heritage structure, would it have remained intact? We rushed to the road behind it. Under a tree were a few students standing with candles in hand infront of a poster of Neeraj Grover.

Moving on, there was the stage with all the excitement, fun and color. Several hundred young and old were celebrating their new found freedom provided by the indian law. Young boys and girls donned colorful masks, wrist bands and waist bands probably flaunting their colorful taste in life. The environment was full of gay and abandon. Even a few foreigners roaming the area decided to stop by and show their solidarity for the cause.

At some point, one couldn’t fail but notice that the participants were easily outnumbered by photographers, stage performers and policemen. Adjoining this ‘road of demonstrations’ is a large public library and its a surprise they haven’t closed it as yet considering the amount of noise generated outside.


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